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2.3.1999 Hello everyone, sorry for not updating too often lately. My computer was broken a few weeks ago so I couldn't do anything until now. Now I am back and I will start updating in these couple days Now You can just check the above site out. It is good if you can read Chinese

Welcome to the BallBall's idolnet! This is the place Where you can find a lot of Asian idol Galleries, mainly from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. Feel free to surf around and remember to bookmark this site.

This site will be updated constantly, so just Stop by and Check out the news of the site on the right hand side column!

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ADDed 趙英華(Rebacca Zhao)Gallery Section
ADDed 張庭(Chang Ting)Gallery Section
ADDed 安齊美緒(Anza Mio)Gallery Section
ADDed 鍾真(Jessica Chung)Gallery Section
ADDed 飯島愛(Ai Lijima)Gallery Section
ADDed 林心如(Ruby Lin)Gallery Section
ADDed 李倩蓉(Lee Shi Rong)Gallery Section
ADDed 季芹(Gigi Chi)Gallery Section
ADDed 蕭薔(Siao Qiang)Gallery Section
ADDed 彭丹(Diana Pong)Gallery Section
ADDed 觀月亞理沙(Alisa Mizuki)Gallery Section
ADDed 賈靜雯(Alyssa Chia)Gallery Section
ADDed 郁芳(Yu Fang)Gallery Section
ADDed 青木裕子(Yuko Aoki)Gallery Section
ADDed 雛形明子(Akiko Hinagata)Gallery Section
ADDed 天心(Ten Sin)Gallery Section
ADDed 田麗(Lily Tien)Gallery Section
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